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Device Support

If you’re experiencing technical issues with your system, then your solar installer is the best place to start. They are in direct contact with Reposit engineers and together they can solve the issue.

Alternatively you can contact Reposit’s support team
phone: 1800 392 938

The most common problem is usually an internet interruption. If your Reposit app is not receiving data then most likely you are offline. If your app is receiving data, but it doesn’t seem right, you may have a metering issue.


So how does Reposit work?

Reposit develops software for your home energy system. The Reposit Box is installed by an electrician, often at the same time as your battery, and is the brains behind your home’s power system. It plugs into your battery inverter and communicates with our servers to access the latest weather and market data so it can get you the lowest bill.

I have a premium feed-in-tariff, is Reposit right for me?

In the past, governments have offered generous feed-in-tariffs (FiT) which give you a good return for solar exported to the grid. In this case, it’s not normally in your financial interest to install a battery as they will stop your grid exports. But as these FiTs expire, and exporting to the grid becomes much less attractive, you may wish to add a battery along with Reposit. In most states you can install more solar and a battery in addition to your FiT-earning solar array as long as it is on a separate circuit.

How many GridCredits™ will I earn?

Your system is capable of earning from any wholesale price movement, short term voltage dips and sub-station constraints so there’s no exact answer as the volume of GridCredits™ your system will earn depends on ‘physical events’ occurring in the electricity market. The number of GridCredits™ events also depends on your home’s location and the ways in which that location can deliver value to the grid. Some parts of the grid will experience these events twice monthly – like in South Australia – while other parts of the grid are currently oversupplied with coal generators and are less volatile. The rapid uptake of rooftop solar and new wind farms are also contributing to the number of market events as sudden changes to weather can upset the grid and create market events.

Do Reposit sell or make batteries?

Nope. We want to concentrate on making the best possible software. We aim to support as many battery types as possible though and we’re adding more options all the time.

Will it work with my existing solar?

Absolutely. Reposit will work with both new and existing solar systems on both single and three phase homes.

I just have solar and no battery, will it work for me?

No. To earn GridCredits™ you need to be able to reliably deliver energy at a certain power over a certain time period and you can only confidently do that when you have a battery. Solar can’t do this reliably on its own.

What does the Reposit gear look like?

The Reposit Box is installed by an electrician in your electricity distribution board or near your battery. It is installed together with one or more Reposit Meters that measure your electricity consumption and solar generation at a super-fast rate which helps your battery respond quickly as circumstances change.

Can I receive GridCredits™ with my existing electricity plan?

The Reposit system will work on any retail plan but you won’t be able to earn GridCredits™ unless you’re with a supporting plan. Diamond Energy was the first electricity retailer to work with Reposit and offer GridCredits. You can find out more about Diamond Energy and their GridCredits offering here.

When do I start to receive GridCredits?

You will receive GridCredits when you have installed a Reposit Box with your battery, you are on a plan with an electricity retailer that offers GridCredits™, you have agreed to Reposit’s terms and conditions and logged onto the Reposit App.

What sort of internet connection do I need?

Reposit’s software is designed for occasional network interruptions but because your home is responding to markets and is planning ahead based on weather data, it’s important that you have a reliable internet connection – preferably a permanent router and not a dongle or phone as the system will require about 1GB of data per month. The best way to connect to your Reposit Box is with an ethernet cable but if that’s not an option, a strong WiFi connection will work. Your installer will configure and test this for you when the Reposit Box is installed.

How big does my battery need to be?

That’s a pretty in-depth question. This blog post will help you choose the size of battery for your needs.

Will Reposit control other things in my home?

Reposit is all about making sure you get the most out of your home’s energy system, so our app will tell you when to switch your appliances on and off. We have built systems into the Reposit Box that will be able to adapt to smart appliances in the future.