Give your battery extra IQ with Reposit and GridCredits™.

Congratulations, you’ve harnessed the power of solar and joined the battery revolution – but now’s the time to make your investment even smarter. The brain power in your standard battery is limited, but with Reposit software, you can make it nothing short of genius. Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage so you’re getting the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on your energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time. Reposit even sells your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits™ and an even lower power bill.

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An intuitive system that works to lower your electricity bill.  

Reposit gets to know you and your energy consumption patterns over time and adapts accordingly. Say you have your own morning routine, the coffee machine and toaster go on while you catch up online and give your phone a final charge, Reposit will learn to charge your battery overnight while prices are lowest so you can avoid that morning price surge. And during the day, it’ll recharge using solar so you’re off the grid in the evening. With Reposit, you’re only connected to the grid when you have to be and when prices are at their lowest.


Now you can power on through, whatever the weather.

We’ve spent years testing and developing a system that never stops learning. And thanks to some cleverly designed algorithms, Reposit can even predict cloudy weather in your area and pre-emptively charge your battery harder during low cost times.  It’s a simple idea but it’s another way that Reposit is working away in the background to get you the lowest bill. 

Credit where credit's due.

Earn GridCredits™ and save hundreds on your energy bill. 

The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. During these times, energy companies struggle to meet demand and look to homes with excess energy for help – and they’re willing to pay for it. When this happens, Reposit is like your own energy stock broker. If the demand is high enough, it will automatically trade your excess energy for GridCredits™ which it will then put towards lowering your bill – and every GridCredit™ you earn is another dollar off your bill.

Time to get with the plan.

To access GridCredits™ you’ll need to be with an energy company that offers a GridCredits™ plan. We recommend Diamond Energy and Powershop. 

A quick smart return on your investment.

Pay back your battery in a fraction of the time. 

As well as getting a smarter, more intuitive way to control your energy usage, you’ll see some impressive reductions in your energy bill and the time it takes you to repay your battery costs. Although Reposit typically costs an additional four to six per cent on top of your solar and battery costs, the benefits will very quickly repay your initial investment – our typical customer will pay off their battery in half the time.

Get Reposit and GridCredits™ in your home today.

Installation is simple. The Reposit Box and special meters will fit in your switchboard next to your electricity meter and our expertly-trained Reposit Partners will have the system up and running in no time. And for extra peace of mind with your cutting edge piece of tech, it’ll come with a five-year warranty as standard.

Monitor Your Energy Usage from Your Phone

Our native iOS and Android apps will make sure you’re staying on top of your home’s energy use, even when you’re not at home. You can keep an eye on how your battery and solar are operating from anywhere and get real-time notifications whenever you’re earning GridCredits™. It will even give you some handy hints on where you can save more energy and suggest the best way to use the excess.


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